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Riversimple announces completion of funding round

Shropshire, UK-based Riversimple has announced the completion of a substantial financing round by Bscope which will enable it to further the development of its ultra low emissions vehicle (ULEV) programme. 

Riversimple’s Mark 1 Technology Demonstrator achieved an equivalent energy consumption of 300 mpg using a 6kw hydrogen fuel cell – an unprecedented degree of fuel economy, which led to the vehicle being placed on permanent display at London’s Science Museum... Read More

The Last Word by Hugo Spowers, in Green Car Design

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Real Leaders Magazine - Riversimple takes on the future of mobility

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Sustainable business - Mould breaking British engineering

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Follow the link for the full article, amongst others.

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Paris Special - Green Car Design/Review

Riversimple; the lead article in Green Car Design/review. You can flick through the copy below.

We are on pages 20-24.

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Pictures of Success - a startling new view of British business

Riversimple are one of the inspiring stories from over 80 companies and NGO partners that demonstrate how people in business today care about far more than just the 'bottom line'.

Pictures of Success shows how constructive... Read More

The Technology Partnership Journal

Follow the link to download the full 4 page exert from The Technology Partnership Journal.
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Your questions answered: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles - The Engineer

Readers specific questions on Fuel Cell technology answered by a panel of experts.

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Hugo Spowers - Cleantech Investor, Investing in Fuel Cells, September, 2012

Hugo was invited to present at the "Investing in Fuel Cells" conference where Riversimple's Fuel Cell requirements and commercialisation strategy were outlined as well as within the article headlined on the front cover of the Cleantech... Read More

Riversimple – important, intriguing, ingenious – Fleet Voice

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"While the rest of the world invests in stupid electric cars that don't work or hybrids which are ineffectual, Leicester council have signed an agreement which will see 30 hydrogen fuelled cars on the city streets. Made by Riversimple, a small Shropshire- based company, these tiny cars represent the future. Because instead of running on electricity from the mains, its produced by a chemical reaction within the car itself. A reaction that produces nothing but heat and water. This is the future. "
Jeremy Clarkson - June 2010
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