California Calling

California has 13,000+ hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road and 52 filling stations, with planning for over 120. Following a visit late last year as part of a UK government trade mission, we were invited to attend a hydrogen event in April and have joined the California Mobility Centre, which is focused on supporting and enabling innovative mobility companies and start-ups to reach commercialisation. See the press release here. It goes without saying that they would love to see Riversimple established out there, building cars.


The Milford Haven Energy Kingdom – Escape to the coast

We have been demonstrating the value of hydrogen in the Milford Haven Energy Kingdom project, supported by Innovate UK. The project is based at the Port of Milford and has involved implementing a hydrogen refueler and a hydrogen hybrid heating system.

For much of last year, we had a major insurance challenge; we couldn’t allow members of the general public to drive our cars, not exactly conducive for public trials! This was finally resolved and the Riversimple service has been fully operational since mid March with two Rasas based exclusively in Milford Haven.

It has been a great experience for the service team, who are checking vehicle performance daily from the office back in Mid Wales. Last month we attended a community day held by Pembrokeshire County Council with four Rasas and gave passenger rides and tours of the cars to school children, holidaymakers, local residents and heads of industry.

Overall it has been  a fantastic project; the Rasas have accumulated thousands of miles across Pembrokeshire and our Beta testers have provided excellent feedback that will inform the designs of Riversimple vehicles in the future.  It has now officially come to an end, but we’re all hoping to extend it if we can.  A comprehensive report on the business case for installing public facing hydrogen refuelling and the potential value of hydrogen transport to the community is being finalised. In the meantime you can find more information on the Milford Haven Energy Kingdom Project here.