Let the games begin! – New Opportunities for Riversimple In Birmingham

Let the games begin! As the Queen’s Baton arrives in Birmingham to mark the start of the 2022 Commonwealth Games we feel honoured to have been part of that journey. Having visited over 72 countries the Queens Baton has united the commonwealth, but it has also highlighted the climate challenges we face. To read more check out our previous blog post.

Rasa's visit the Tyseley refeuler in Birmingham

Birmingham has taken big steps to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its air quality. In 2021 Birmingham City Council introduced the Birmingham Clean Air zone to improve city centre air quality. Shortly after, the Tyseley Energy park opened promoting innovation in waste, energy, and low carbon vehicles including a number of Motive hydrogen refuellers. We recently visited Tyseley with two Rasa’s to obtain certification to use the Motive hydrogen refueler network. The Rasa’s passed with flying colours and we can now refuel at any Motive hydrogen refueler in the UK.

If you live in the Midlands area and visit Birmingham once a week you could be driving a hydrogen car already. If you would like to drive a Riversimple vehicle join our waiting list today.


Riversimple’s Aberdeen Opportunity

Following a recent trip to Aberdeen by Riversimple’s Managing Director, Hugo Spowers MBE and Finance Director, Chris Foxall, we are extremely excited about the potential to develop a manufacturing facility in Aberdeen’s Energy Transition Zone and are actively exploring the possibilities with the city.

Riversimple will be supporting The North East Scotland Green Freeport Consortium in their campaign for freeport status – a Riversimple manufacturing facility would bring 200+ direct jobs, with three times as many in the supply chain. Riversimple’s plans are to build multiple small plants to meet increasing demand rather than to concentrate all activity into a mega factory. The following press release was issued from the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce: View Press Release



The Riversimple Royal Assignment

With the Commonwealth games starting at the end of this month last weekend we were given a very important task. Transporting the Queen’s baton from Baglan to Margam Park. The Queens Baton embarks on a tour of all the Commonwealth countries prior to the games to unite and celebrate the nations of the Commonwealth. After departing Buckingham Palace on the 7th of October 2021, the baton travelled to 72 countries, from Canada to Tuvalu before returning to the UK for the opening ceremony. The theme of the Welsh leg was sustainability and as a Welsh sustainable hydrogen car company we were asked to carry the Baton from Baglan to Margam Park in South Wales. We deployed 3 Rasas which were driven in formation conveying the Baton 7 miles to its next destination. The footage of the Rasas in formation invokes memories of a certain 1960’s British film involving small British cars carrying valuable cargo driven in formation! Fortunately, we didn’t require the support of a coach as all 3 Rasas travelled were driven from our Llandrindod HQ to Baglan by a few of the Riversimple team. To us this journey of the Queens Baton for the Commonwealth Games has taken on a new dynamic, as well as uniting and celebrating the nations it has visited, this tour highlighted the climate challenges faced by nations within the Commonwealth. Tuvalu, mentioned earlier, is known as the sinking island. It earnt this name as it is set to be first nation to be lost to rising sea levels caused by climate change. Nestled midway between Hawaii and Australia the Pacific Ocean, Tuvalu has a population of just over 11,000 and can only be reached via plane and a single runway that regularly floods with seawater. It relies on financial support from the UN and Commonwealth Secretariat to manage the effects of climate change and preserve what is left of the island. Despite the Commonwealth Games at its core being a sporting event the social and environmental benefits cannot be ignored. Riversimple was established with the purpose of “pursuing, systematically the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport”and highlighting the global challenges of climate change emboldens our cause even more. It was a true honour to be entrusted to carry the Queens Baton and we would like to thank all of those who came to see us, the team who made it happen.