Riversimple is a partner in a new European research project, REPOXYBLE – Depolymerizable bio-based multifunctional closed loop recyclable epoxy systems for energy efficient structures

We are delighted to announce that we are part of a new project called REPOXYBLE, funded by Horizon Europe. There are 15 partners spanning 8 countries and
the project aims to develop a new class of high-performance advanced materials targeting cost and energy effectiveness, recyclability, and thus sustainability, for the aerospace and automotive sector.
Advanced materials play a key role in manufacturing fuel-efficient and high-performing vehicles, but poor recyclability and end-of-life aspects pose a significant challenge. This is where REPOXYBLE comes in: minimising resource demand and energy of manufacturing processes, using bio-based and safe (non-toxic) raw materials and optimising chemical recycling.
At Riversimple, we are working systematically towards the elimination of environmental impact of personal transport and have been keen to explore recyclable/reusable carbon composites for our lightweight chassis. This is an exciting start!