A Riversimple Rasa for Rowan Atkinson?

Actor and car enthusiast Rowan Atkinson has given strong support for hydrogen-powered vehicles while also saying that as an electric-car owner he feels ‘duped’ in retrospect by the business model and life-cycle of the electric car.

With two degrees in engineering-related subjects, plus a collection of supercars and a life-long passion for cars, ‘Mr Bean’ is qualified to give a knowledgeable and considered opinion, being a hybrid ‘early adopter’ 18 years ago and moving to a full electric car nine years ago.

Atkinson’s verdict is nothing short of an indictment of the whole electric-car business model as a vast waste of environmental and economic resources.

In his article in The Guardian, Atkinson highlights hydrogen ‘as an alternative fuel’, adding that the development of ‘green hydrogen’ has a long way to go. The development of synthetic fuels needs also to be researched, he says, while adding:’if hydrogen wins the race to power trucks – and as a result every filling-station stocks it – it could be a popular and accessible choice for cars’.

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