The Alpha Build is underway!

It has been a hive of activity in the workshop (and at our suppliers) over the last few weeks. bringing all the part of the Alpha hydrogen eco car build together, here is a small taster of what we have been up to!

Our new body has been delivered, designed by Jim Router and produced by KS Composites, it is constructed using carbon fibre to provide unrivalled strength and lightness. The entire chassis weighs just 70kgs and will form the basis that the ultra efficient powertrain will be mounted on.

The in wheel motors will be fitted to the car and will use the electricity from the fuel cell to drive the car. They are in wheel so that they can be more efficient by reducing drivetrain power losses. They are mounted where the hub would be on traditional cars and therefore are unsprung mass, this means the car handles excellently when driven.

We are refining the powertrain and powertrain control software to ensure that that the car will be as efficient as possible and achieve its 300 mile range. Other arrivals include the dash board panels, wiring looms and the rear subframe.