Element 2 COO James Harris visits Riversimple.

 In July 2022 we announced a partnership with Element 2 on the supply and distribution of hydrogen and yesterday we hosted James Harris, Chief Operations Officer, of Element 2.

James is bullish about the future: “Our national network of hydrogen refuelling stations continues to grow apace. Our relationships with innovative OEMs such as Riversimple are vital in informing the design and timing of our station rollout. We continue to work closely with manufacturers, transport operators and fleet owners to identify and develop sites, supporting hydrogen vehicle adoption across the country to accelerate Net Zero, and enable greater choice for road users.”

Element 2 has already established strategic hydrogen refuelling sites along critical junction routes in the North West, North East and South of England, deploying mobile refuelling solutions in addition to beginning the build process for permanent refuelling stations.

They will be taking over the Riversimple Abergavenny refueller with plans to scale it up to deliver more hydrogen. Element 2’s network of safe, high-quality hydrogen refuelling stations will cover the entire country by 2027.