Fleet and Commercial

The Zero Carbon Solution

Riversimple’s  powertrain and lightweight architecture can be used in multiple applications and can be scaled up to service wider segments of the passenger and commercial vehicle market. Operational costs of FCEVs can be reduced significantly by sizing vehicles to meet different needs.

  • Occupancy Our 2-Seater vehicles will be our most affordable offering
  • Load space volume & payload We are prioritising load space volume (m3) over payload (kg)
  • Top speed Sizing for your local duty cycles and speed limits
  • Simplicity Everything you need and nothing you don’t
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No Time for Downtime?

While battery electric vehicles (BEVs) suit some use cases, hydrogen will fit all. We know that many fleets cannot afford the enforced downtime required to charge a battery vehicle, or to install the infrastructure to do so.  Our hydrogen vehicles will refuel in 3-5 minutes and have a range of 300 miles (expandable to 500 miles). There is no enforced downtime and they will be as convenient as conventional petrol and diesel vehicles.

The Turnkey Solution

We believe that transitioning to zero emission vehicles should not be a compromise. To complement our revolutionary vehicles is a revolutionary business model.

We are planning to offer a complete service to suit your needs and can be tailored to include fuel, maintenance, insurance, tyres and any other motoring costs as required. This gives a guaranteed TCO, takes care of maintenance and the associated administration meaning your drivers spend more time on the road.

We are partnering with Element2 who are building the UK’s largest hydrogen network with nationwide coverage within the next 5 years.


Get Your Hydrogen Quote

We have developed a calculator for hydrogen demand that can be applied to any given location, assessing use cases that cannot easily be satisfied with BEVs. If you’re interested to see the role hydrogen vehicles can play in your fleet, please complete the form below and our team of service experts will be in touch.

Fleet and Commercial

Fleet and Commercial


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