We don’t believe that there needs to be any trade off between a successful, profitable, resilient business and delivering our aim of eliminating environmental impact.  We have designed our business, from scratch, to turn sustainability from a cost on the bottom line to a source of competitive advantage.

The more environmental damage we eliminate, the more successful we will be as a business.

Riversimple is aiming to offer customers the first affordable, hassle free, fun-to-drive eco car, delivered as a complete and cost-transparent service.

We’re not selling products.  We’ll retain ownership of the cars and sell mobility as a service.

We’ve created a simple pricing structure that enables customers to pay a single monthly fee that covers everything – the car, the maintenance, the insurance, the fuel.  Nothing hidden.  No small print.  That way customers have all the pleasure but none of the hassle of ownership.  When a customer returns a car to us at the end of their contract, we offer it to the next customer.

We’re doing all we can to adopt the “sale of service” model upstream with our suppliers, so that their interests are also aligned with ours, the customer’s and the planet’s.

We’re building a distributed manufacturing model.  We don’t need massive factories to achieve our goals; instead we’ll build human-scale, profitable operations near the markets they serve – each will produce around 5,000 cars a year.

We’ll be as open as we can be with our technology and our standards, with the aim of encouraging others to follow or even improve on what we’ve built.  The more people who follow us, the more we’ll eliminate environmental impact.  And the lower the costs of this new technology for all of us.

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