Company Overview

Riversimple is developing breakthrough hydrogen electric vehicles that could transform the automotive landscape. The company is prioritising lightweight vehicle architecture to maximise energy efficiency and a unique business model designed to make sustainability profitable.  Our modular hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain platform is designed to be adapted for use in multiple vehicle classes, from a 5 seater family car to commercial vans, for consumer and commercial markets with global potential. We have a growing waiting list of both individuals and organisations.

Riversimple has been funded to date through a combination of equity investment from family offices, crowdfunding and grants. The British Business Bank is a minor shareholder in Riversimple, as is the Development Bank of Wales.

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Vehicle Development

We have expanded our technical team and continue to develop both our vehicles and our business model. We have recorded over 20,000 miles of real-world testing and have successfully deployed remote fault detection and correction through telematics. Ongoing powertrain development has been focused on:

– Energy management software

– Suspension set up and vehicle dynamics

– Hydrogen delivery system

– Fuel cell system integration and temperature control

– Traction motor development

– Cabin heating and ventilation

Successful Public Trials

Built for testing with the public before we finalise designs for mass production, Rasas have been driven for thousands of miles across the UK, with lessons and feedback rigorously collected. Members of the general public first took the wheel in April 2021 in Monmouthshire. Rasas were also an integral part of the Milford Haven Energy Kingdom (MH:EK) project in Pembrokeshire, demonstrating the viability of hydrogen vehicles and the Riversimple service model in 2022. They have been in the hands of trialists in Monmouthshire since then.

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Commercial Partnerships


Riversimple’s UK market ambitions will be supported by Element2 and their hydrogen refuelling network. This partnership is key to ensuring the infrastructure challenge is addressed, ready for vehicle deployment.

California Mobility Center

The CMC’s extensive range of facilities, resources and funding partners will be available to Riversimple, providing an unprecedented development opportunity for the company. Riversimple will be exploring the local market and the potential for a base in the state.


Core logistics partner for the development of a global manufacturing supply chain suitable for mass production; also a potential customer for co-designed Riversimple light duty commercial vehicles.

Swansea City Council

Riversimple has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Swansea City Council to promote and enable hydrogen for transport  decarbonisation.


Engineering and digital partner for automotive design and full scale production; also prepared to help support the ongoing funding requirements for mass production and overseas markets such as the USA.

Oil 4 Wales

Oil4Wales is one of the largest fuel suppliers in Wales and committed to the Net Zero energy transition through its Green4Wales brand; targeting a national network of hydrogen refuelling outlets to support Riversimple’s markets within Wales.

A Riversimple Rasa for Rowan Atkinson?

Actor and car enthusiast Rowan Atkinson has given strong support for hydrogen-powered vehicles while also saying that as an electric-car owner he feels ‘duped’ in retrospect by the business model and life-cycle of the electric car. With two degrees in engineering-related subjects, plus a collection of supercars and a life-long passion for cars, ‘Mr Bean’

Riversimple’s mission to drive down emissions

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) transport emissions account for 24% of global air pollution, and as such, have a significant impact on the quality of the air we breathe. With more stringent regulations and advancements in automotive technology, we are seeing a decrease in exhaust pollutants from vehicles. However there is also a

Riversimple is a partner in a new European research project, REPOXYBLE – Depolymerizable bio-based multifunctional closed loop recyclable epoxy systems for energy efficient structures

We are delighted to announce that we are part of a new project called REPOXYBLE, funded by Horizon Europe. There are 15 partners spanning 8 countries and the project aims to develop a new class of high-performance advanced materials targeting cost and energy effectiveness, recyclability, and thus sustainability, for the aerospace and automotive sector. Advanced

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