RASA Hydrogen Car

You will be driving a beautiful two seater eco coupé, with a simple and spacious interior, that just happens to be the most energy efficient car on the planet (as far as we know).

A nippy 0-60 mph in 9.7 seconds,  it is light to handle, responsive and fun to drive.

About 250 mpg equivalent, it emits nothing more than a tiny amount of water.

The Riversimple service includes the car and all associated running costs, including fuel.

The engineering prototype car has been running since 2016. We are currently producing 20 cars for a Clean Mobility Trial with the public starting later this year.  We will then refine the vehicle and the service before coming to market a couple of years later.


A car for local use

Our first road-going version is perfect for all those everyday journeys like the daily commute.  With a range of 300 miles, it will last most people a week of local travelling before needing to fill it up at the local hydrogen fuel station.

By the way, it will take 3 minutes to fill one of our cars with hydrogen.  The pump is similar to a diesel or petrol one, just locked into place on the car before the gas flows in.  There is no charge, as this is included in your contract.

We will be working with hydrogen refuelling partners to encourage them to install hydrogen pumps in hub locations.  The more people who want a Riversimple car in any given area, the sooner we can get the refuelling in place there.

If you are interested in having a Riversimple car, give us your postcode and help us build the case for coming to your area. The map below shows the spread of initial interest already building. To review the relevant privacy policy, please click here.

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Widespread interest in being a potential customer