Welcome to Riversimple

Welcome to our new blog! Over the last year we have been quietly planning and designing our next generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) vehicle here at our R&D facility in Llandrindod Wells (Mid Wales, UK). We are really excited that our ideas are now coming to fruition and want to share the next stage of our journey with you all. Over the next few months we will be blogging about the build of our next generation hydrogen fuel cell car. The styling surfaces look awesome and the latest generation of our tech is already up and running in lab conditions. We really can’t wait to see it all come together into our Mark 2 vehicle. Of course Riversimple is so much more than just another car company – our aim is ‘mobility at zero cost to the planet’, so expect plenty of stories about the challenges of starting a truly sustainable mobility company from our eclectic and dedicated team. It’s not going to be easy, but we wouldn’t be here if it was!

All technologies need to be used to decarbonise as fast as we can and hydrogen cars offer people a valuable zero emission alternative to battery electric cars for those who will find charging them a challenge. There is very little behaviour change required to move from a fossil fuel car to a hydrogen car as they are filled in the same sort of way (at a pump in c. 3 minutes) and have similar ranges.

The UK has an abundance of renewable energy opportunities such as biomethane, wind and solar. Hydrogen provides a fantastic solution for the storage of this energy so that it can be used when needed, a step required to harness the full power of renewables. Cars and other forms of transport can make this commercially viable sooner, creating higher value demand for green hydrogen. With big energy companies, such as Shell and BP climbing on board, the future looks very bright.