Would you like to see your name emblazoned on the next set of vehicles?

A big thank you to all who have contributed to getting us to 90% of the target! We celebrate the support of every single one of our investors. When our only road legal car was the Rasa Alpha in 2017, we proudly wore the names of all those who supported us in a big H2 on the bonnet of the car.
Below is a video of what our entire Beta fleet shows when each car is turned off. The names of all of our supporters who wished to be recognised are proudly listed. Over the tens of thousands of miles driven by our engineering team and Beta trialists, each and every driver is reminded of the special group of people who have made our revolutionary cars a reality.
We will be offering the same recognition again for the next set of vehicles. Would you like your name included? If you haven’t done so, we would love you to invest and join us for the next stage in the Riversimple journey as we gear up to develop the production cars.